Registration Agreement

Thank you for your interest in joining us at  Please read the little bit that follows and be sure you really do understand and agree before clicking that box down there.

You will be admitted after somebody reviews your comments from the previous page.  (If you did not read through the intro material and send submit the requested information, please click here to go back and read all that is on the front page.)

We are a private community focused upon exploration of consciousness.  Experience is our primary teacher, and we are here sharing our experiences, observations, ideas and discoveries.  It is our goal to build an intimate community where all can be comfortable and secure in discussing matters of spirituality, belief, philosophy and all facets of consciousness.  If you understand and respect the spirit and intent of what we are building, you are welcome.

A response may take a little while, as a real person needs to act on request to join.  Thank you for your patience, and watch for an email.
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