Our Mission

Our Mission

For thousands of years it has been suggested by certain schools of thought
that the physical world and the dream world are equivalent; that they are
both insubstantial projections of the mind.  If one subscribes to this model,
enlightenment and spiritual development are both quite possible in either
the wakeful or dreaming states.

Deepdreaming, as the name implies, is about dreaming.  While we will
certainly explore dreaming, lucid and otherwise, as well as the out of body
state, our explorations will not be limited to the dreams of our sleep.   These
explorations are about personal discovery.  Discoveries take many forms,
including experiences with PSI phenomenon, nudges from a larger
consciousness system, meditation, other altered states of consciousness,
exploring reality models and designing experiments to corroborate them.

It is possible that our efforts will open a crack or two in the skeptical and
hardened wall of the dogmatic center of science, as true breakthroughs
always come from the scientific fringe.  We will engage in these discussions
without the need to follow any one reality model.  There is great potential
in all perspectives, and the true  path to illuminating ones own personal
journey almost certainly lies somewhere in the middle once the dots have
been connected.

The very heart of Deepdreaming is exploration.  It is important to realize
that this level of exploration and discovery must be personal.  That is its
nature.  We recognize that such discovery can be accelerated or hampered
by the quality and motivation of advice and support one receives when
engaged in and sharing such awakenings.  To this end, the true mission of
Deepdreaming is to create a community where members can offer personal
insights and motivation based on our own experiences, in order to
respectfully facilitate the insights and discoveries of one another.  While
being careful not to bias the journeys of others with our own prejudices
and beliefs, we may perhaps help one another to recognize more possible
paths toward individual growth and enlightenment.


What We Expect - Our Standards

These are the rules, policies, guidelines, expectations:


In fulfillment of our mission to create a community where members can offer personal insights and motivation based on our own experiences, in order to respectfully facilitate the insights and discoveries of one another, our expectations follow and are enforced:

Respect each individual's own path and way of doing things and seek to learn from each person's experiences. People can only change themselves; try to be with and learn with others rather than trying to change them. Of course advice is encouraged as a way for everyone to learn with each other.  Think of advice as the welcoming word of friend.

Be polite. Nothing constructive arises from intolerance.

If a discussion becomes heated and the other party requests that it be dropped, drop the argument. Discussions should strive to reach peace, a greater understanding and mutual respect.

How To Join Us

How To Join Us


Deepdreaming was started by a small group of people who are passionate about exploring consciousness. This subject ultimately branches out into many inter-related areas. Our individual interests may be broad but more often than not are surprisingly complementary. But because of this unusual balance of perspective and the need to maintain a close and respectful group we would like to insure that new members will strengthen the community and help it to thrive. One safe way to do this is to rely on inviting people we know. However, that becomes limiting and could not possibly help the community blossom in the long run. To this end, we are anxious to meet new people who would be a good fit to the group.

Perhaps you were told about Deepdreaming and what you heard intrigued you? Or perhaps you stumbled upon it by accident and it sounds interesting. If you would like to join, please take a few moments to tell us a little about yourself. There are no golden answers or insights. We do a lot of reflecting here. It's the nature of understanding consciousness. Would you reflect a bit on this issue of consciousness, what interests you, what you feel you are missing from friends, family or other forums in relation to sharing your thoughts in this area and so forth? We can insure you there are no right or wrong answers. We hope that you choose to explore with us. 

If somebody asked you to be here, please let us know who that was in the comments.  We would still love to hear your reflections too, if you like.


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